YAK Expresses Interest in Launching Canadian Wireless Carrier


image_9779_largeimagefile YAK Expresses Interest in Launching Canadian Wireless CarrierCanada needs some GSM competition. When Rogers decided to buy Microcell (Fido), they effectively gained a GSM monopoly in Canuck-land, nabbing a stranglehold on both users who want to use unlocked phones and international visitors who are roaming on their networks.

You may have heard about the Canadian wireless spectrum auction coming up later this year and one of the major bidders happens to be Globalive Communication Corporation, a division of YAK Communications. Today was the last day to submit an application for the auction.

“It’s time for an entrant in the wireless market that will provide Canadians with a new cost-effective, feature-rich offering,” said Lacavera. “Yak is uniquely positioned to be that offering.”

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