Mobile Phones Get a Second Life, Follow You Everywhere


image_10283_largeimagefile Mobile Phones Get a Second Life, Follow You EverywhereYour first life might be pretty boring and that’s why you get so involved in the virtual world of Second Life. Even so, the experience has largely been restricted to your computer up until now, but that’s seriously changing, effectively allowing users to live dual existences everywhere they go.

Linden Labs has partnered up with Vollee, and the net result is that Second Life is going mobile. The next time you boot up your cell phone, you could be buying and selling virtual real estate, interacting with other online avatars, and maybe, just maybe, flying through Ancient Japan. Or something. The mobile Second Life interface will likely require a 3G connection, given the amount of data being transferred.

For information about an upcoming beta trial, check out the pre-registration form at

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