Garmin Mobile XT Navigation Built Into GSmart PDA Phone Series

Until we can get our hands on the Garmin nuviphone, this series of 3.5G GPS PDA phones from GSmart just might have to do. After all, they all come equipped with Garmin Mobile XT navigation, getting you around town in the right direction for once.

Set for debut in the European market some time this year, the GSmart PDA phones from Giga-Byte Communications do not appear to have any physical keypads, opting instead for what looks like full touchscreen displays and a set of basic controls underneath. There’s a Windows logo in there, so we’ve got to assume that these are running some form of Windows Mobile as well.

As far as the GPS is concerned, the GSmart handsets go further with photo geo-tagging and GPS tracking thrown into the mix. Look for more details surrounding the MW700 and MS800 as we get closer to launch.

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