NEC Concept Phone Powered by Liquid Fuel Cell That Drains When Used

This is probably one of the most creative concept phones that I’ve come across in some time, because the external casing on the NEC Flask phone is completely transparent, letting you see the liquid fuel cell power housed within.

What makes this handset even more interesting is that this liquid inside actually drains as you use the phone, giving you a fairly accurate representation of how much power you have left. NEC makes no mention of how you would go about refilling the phone with more juice, but this still provides for fascinating conversation fodder.

The interface looks like it is based on touchscreen and/or e-paper technology, and the soft colorful options point us toward a more feminine-geared product. I know that it sounds far fetched at this point, but NEC is saying that the liquid-filled Flask cell phone will be ready some time this year.

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  1. chelsea says:

    were can i get that phone?

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