New Fujifilm Prosumer Cameras Love Getting Close Without Getting Close

It could be said that all ultrazoom cameras have a certain stalker and/or paparazzi inclination to them, so if you’re the type that likes lurking in the bushes, you’ll love these two new cams from Fujifilm.

Let’s start with the Fujifilm S1000fd (right) which comes with a 12x optical zoom, putting it right in line with the Canon S5 IS’s of the world. It’s got a 10 megapixel imaging sensor, face detection, red-eye removal, panorama shooting mode, a 2.7-inch LCD, ISO 1600 (which can get ramped up to ISO 3200 at 3MP), 30fps VGA video, upt o 7.5fps rapid fire, and a memory slot that’ll accept xD, SD, and SD-HD cards. Lok for it in April for $249.

To get even closer while staying further away, look no further than the 10 megapixel Fujifilm S8100fd (left). Instead of a paltry 12x optical zoom, this camera boasts 18x optical zoom! Other features include wide angle zoom, ISO 6400 (at 5MP), face detection, intelligent flash, manual mode, macro at up to 1cm, 30fps VGA video, 2.5-inch LCD, and the same memory card slot as the S1000fd. The Fujifilm S8100fd will sell for $399 when it ships in March.

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