Canon EOS Rebel XSi DSLR Takes Alphabet Backwards, Provides Creature Comforts

When you think about the model numbers for most consumer electronics, the general rule of thumb is that when you look at a single series of devices, the higher up in the alphabet you go or the higher the number is, chances are that you’re getting a superior product. This does not appear to be the case today.

Following in the huge success of the Digital Rebel XT and XTi is the latest DSLR from Canon, the 12.2 megapixel Canon EOS Rebel XSi. See what I mean? They went for XT to XS for some unfathomable reason, but that doesn’t take away from the appeal of this particular camera. Quite the opposite actually, because the EOS Rebel XSi merges “power features from the high-end EOS models and creature comforts from the PowerShot line.”

Criticals include Live View LCD view-finding, a 3-inch LCD, Digic III processor, ISo 1600, 1.6x focal length conversion factor, 14-bit A/D processor, improved nine-point autofocus, and 3.5fps in rapid fire mode. The body alone will sell for $800 or you can toss in an extra hundred bucks and get the starter 18-55mm lens.

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