Windows Mobile 6 Finally Dished Out to Samsung BlackJack


image_11246_largeimagefile Windows Mobile 6 Finally Dished Out to Samsung BlackJackI remember when the Samsung BlackJack was first revealed to the world, I couldn’t help but draw immediate comparisons to the Motorola Q. Both devices had very similar form factors and both ran on some version of Windows Mobile 5. Many people say that their Blackjack is better than the Moto Q, and now that the former can be upgrade to Windows Mobile 6, they might have an even stronger case.

For any of you who have been rocking the wide candybar-styled smartphone from Samsung, you will now be able to bring the handheld into the most recent generation of Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, which can be loaded up using the usual flashing methods, should be available some time today. As in, like, right now.

To get the update, just take a quick stroll over to the official Samsung page, grab the necessary goodies and follow their instructions. Go ahead. We’ll be here when you get back.

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