Sony Ericsson K850i Quicksilver Black Edition Is Not Green With Envy

The Sony Ericsson K850i cell phone is already a little quirky, because the traditional five-way navigator that you use to dabble through the menus wraps all the way around the 2 and 5 keys, rather than being placed above them. Current versions of the K850i are available with blue or green highlights, but if you’re not exactly the most colorful of people, you may be more inclined to grab the Quicksilver Edition.

The main body is still a jet black, so if you’ve been hoping for a silver version, you’re still out of luck. The only difference, as far as we can tell, between the Sony Ericsson K850i Quicksilver Edition and the two existing models is that the five-way navigator has changed colors. Instead of Velvet Blue and Luminous Green, you get Quicksilver.

We also hear that Sony Ericsson is shoving in a firmware update that’s meant to “fix little buggies causing errors as well as to improve its performance.” Now we just need a pink version to complete the collection.

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