Double Cell Phone Battery Life in 2010, Thanks Fuel Cells!


When the only thing that you use your cell phone for is to make voice calls, there’s not much of a battery draw on the device. However, when you start snapping pictures with the camera, listening to music in the media player, and surfing the ‘net with the web browser, you’ll see all that juice get depleted pretty freaking quickly.

Angstrom Power is working on a fuel cell system for cell phones that is supposed to double your talk time, as well as double the overall battery life. The trial is not really manufacturer specific either, although initial tests were run using a Motorola SLVR L7. The best part is that the system “fits inside the phone without modification.” No clunky junk dangling off the side? Count me in!

The technology is still pretty early on, but Angstrom believes that the system — which is based on a Micro Hydrogen platform using micro-fluidics and a refillable hydrogen storage tank — could be ready for market by 2010.

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