reQall helps you remember that stuff you always forget

image_11642_largeimagefile reQall helps you remember that stuff you always forgetSometimes I think I am losing my mind. It seems like I often forget something that I knew just seconds before. Maybe reQall is just what I need. It’s a simple but very interesting service. All you have to do anytime there is something you want to remember is call a toll free number and speak your thoughts – names or phone numbers you need to know, lists of things to do, or appointments you need to remember.

The reQall service will convert your voice into text and make it available for you in a number of ways. You can access your lists on the web or through iGoogle, you can view it on your iPhone or iPod Touch, or you can have it sent to you by text message, e-mail, or RSS feed.

It’s free for now while the site is in beta, and there is currently no indication on their site that there will be a charge for a subscription.

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