UTStarcom HSM 180 Mobile Phone Runs Circles Around Competition


image_11714_largeimagefile UTStarcom HSM 180 Mobile Phone Runs Circles Around CompetitionOr so they’d lead you to believe. While the booths of guys like Nokia may look impressive, the UTStarcom display at CES this week has a couple of gems that may be worth a second look. Based on the banners they have erected, they want you to pay a little more attention to their take on the HTC Touch. But that’s not the phone that caught my eye.

I don’t know if I’d ever want to use a phone that looks like this, but the UTStarcom HSM 180 has got to have one of the most unique designs that has ever made it to market. Instead of a conventional numeric keypad, it has a pair of circular controls, mimicking the rotary look, except there are only five numbers on each circle. Above these is a third circle, which serves as the primary display.

As far as specs are concerned, you get the basic stuff like GSM/GPRS/EDGE, as well as DCS 1800, PCS 1900, and HSDPA 2100. And you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty sad when they’re boasting about text message and MP3 playback.

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