POSBRO launching mobile WiMax online game business in U.S.


image_11737_largeimagefile POSBRO launching mobile WiMax online game business in U.S.POSBRO is getting ready to launch a mobile WiMax online game business in the U.S. Market. POSBRO is the company that makes the portable gaming terminal called FLYVO, and they launched their G100 portable online gaming platform at WiMax World USA last year. That G100 is due to hit the KT WiBro network in Korea early this year, and now it will be coming stateside late this year or early next year.

The modest claim of the company is that the G100 will ‘dramatically change the way people enjoy games and Internet while they’re on the move’. That’s PR speak for sure, but the company is actively and seemingly aggressively adding new partners and new online games to the platform so that the offering will have enough to capture the fickle public attention when it launches. Impressive offerings that are far beyond what is currently available will be key to the long-term success of Xohm.

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