Belkin Conserve Surge Protector saves you on your energy bill

It’s all the rage these days to protect the environment and save money by cutting down on energy consumption. It makes sense to use your surge protector to help you do that, but Belkin thought of that well before I ever would have.

Their new Conserve Surge Protector, which is on display at CES, allows you to shut down six of the eight outlets with the flick of the giant remote control switch. That means that you can easily shut down all of your devices that are plugged in at once instead of having to shut each one down individually. Leaving devices that aren’t beiing used in rest mode can be a big and totally unnecessary drain of energy.

The word is that energy bills can fall by as much as 20 percent just by turning things completely off when not in use. At that rate you can easily justify the $50 price tag. The protector is due in May.

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