nXZEN nX6000 – ear piece with heavy duty noise cancellation


image_11789_largeimagefile nXZEN nX6000 - ear piece with heavy duty noise cancellationnXZEN wants you to be able to communicate easily no matter where you are, and their new nX6000 helps make that possible. It an earpiece with some fancy technology to maximize its effectiveness. FRONTWAVE Extreme noise cancellation coupled with a dual microphone array makes sure that your communication will be clear and understandable regardless of where you find yourself.

The earpiece, which employs Bluetooth 2.0, is as small and light as you would expect – 37 mm x 26 mm and just 10.9 grams. The ear loop is removable, and the visually challenged among you will appreciate that it is compatible with glasses. Talk time is six hours thanks to the Li-ion battery, and it can be charged with a standard mini-B USB charge port.

In other words, it is mostly everything you would expect from an ear piece, with an added obsessive focus on noise cancellation for clarity of communication.

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