VTech reveals the first landline phone with full QWERTY keyboard

image_11838_largeimagefile VTech reveals the first landline phone with full QWERTY keyboardEvery phone maker, whether home or mobile, needs to do something to stand out. VTech is making their latest effort to do so with the IS6110, the first land-line phone to have a full QWERTY keyboard along with IM and peer-to-peer capabilities. To work fully, the phone needs to be connected to a land-line by a standard jack and to a PC by a USB cord. The phone operates on the DECT platform.

It is ergonomically designed for easy use, and it has a large color LCD screen for easy viewing. The target use of the phone is households with more than one computer user, and one who is a heavy IM user. The phone can be used for IM, freeing the computer up for more important task like surfing for porn.

It also makes sense that the phone is WiFi friendly, so it won’t interfere with wireless networks. The phone will be available in February at a retail price of $99.95. A pretty cheap way to get your crackberry fix for less.

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