Toshiba Launches 320GB 2.5″ external HDD, Introduces 1.8″ model


image_11812_largeimagefile Toshiba Launches 320GB 2.5" external HDD,  Introduces 1.8" modelToshiba is making a splash in the small form factor HDD market at CES with the highest available capacity for a 2.5 inch external HDD and an entry into the 1.8 inch external HDD market. Their 2.5 inch HDD line is now available in sizes as big as 320GB to go with the existing 160GB and 250GB. The 1.8 inch external drives will come in 60GB, 80GB and 120GB capacities and will have backup and encryption software included to maximize the mobile uses.

In addition, Toshiba has redesigned their storage devices so that they have a smaller footprint, and a visual design and color scheme that reflects modern tastes, including three color splash designs. The 320GB drive is available now for $199.99. The 1.8 inch drives will be available later in the spring, and price and specifications will be available at that time.

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