Skype for PSP official


image_11908_largeimagefile Skype for PSP officialThe PSP just got more useful and a bit cooler. Unfortunately we have known this one was coming a long for a while now. Sony has used CES as a platform to announce that Skype will be available on the devices with the next firmware update at the month. Users will be able to find a Skype icon under the network menu. If you have an account you are in business, and if you don’t you can set one up right on your PSP. From there, it’s just like you have become accustomed to – free calls between Skype users, SkypeOut to call the friends who aren’t cool enough to use Skype, and SkypeIn for those friends to call you. There is a limitation you should be aware of before you get too excited, though – it will for some reason only work on the PSP-2000, so if you have an older model you are out of luck. The killer app would be to use Skype in-game, but there’s no word if that will be possible.

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