SanDisk microSDHC Card reaches 12GB

SanDisk microSDHC Card reaches 12GB


image_11840_largeimagefile SanDisk microSDHC Card reaches 12GBIt’s getting pretty exciting seeing all these memory chips explode in capacity, while almost vanishing in size. If you have an actual Micro SD card now then you will be just as impressed as I am while reading this; SanDisk at CES 2008 just released the 12GB microSDHC Card for mobile phones.

The 12GB card gives a 4GB boost in capacity from SanDisk’s current 8GB microSDHC card which can be found online right now anywhere from $110-$150USD.

The SDHC card is based on the new SD 2.00 spec, so we can see these puppies go up to 32GB in the near future.

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