Samsung Spinpoint A1: Microdrives hit 40GB


image_11910_largeimagefile Samsung Spinpoint A1: Microdrives hit 40GBThe newest means of storage from Samsung may look like a flash drive, but it is actually an HDD. The Spinpoint A1 hard disks are Compact Flash card-sized hard drives, microdrives actually, with store capacities of either 30GB or 40GB. The drives, which are shipping immediately, allow for significantly higher storage capacity in a small space. Samsung seems to have resurrected those old microdrives we forgot about.

They feature low power consumption, and they have high levels of shock absorption so that the drives are practical in portable devices. It measures in at 42.8 x 36.4 x 5 mm. That’s about 23 percent bigger than a typical 1-inch drive, but it makes up for the slight increase by offering three times the capacity of the typically available drive. The drive has a 3600 rpm rotation speed, a 2MB buffer memory, and it can resist shock of up to 650G. Drive-ready time is two seconds, and the operation of the drive is nearly inaudible. It has an MSRP of $199.

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