Magellan Maestro GPS First to Deliver Real-time Google Local Search

The navigation market is so overcrowded that companies have to go to great lengths to stand out from the fray. That means innovation that comes along at a blinding speed. Magellan’s latest attempt to garner attention is the Maestro Elite 5340+GPRS, the first navigation device to offer real-time Google Local Search. That means that you can go a step beyond just figuring out where you are going and look for things to do when you get there.

Local Search can show you everything from where to eat to what movies are playing at the theater around the corner. The GPRS connection means that you can get real time traffic and weather information, and it allows you to send addresses and notes wirelessly from your PC to your device with an internet connection without needing to wrestle with cables. The device with its 5 inch screen will be available in March. It’s not for the cheap or the poor – the MSRP is $1299.

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