JBL On Stage IIIP docks your iPhone


image_11837_largeimagefile JBL On Stage IIIP docks your iPhoneJBL must believe that the iPhone is too cool for only one person at a time to use one. Their new On Stage IIIP high-performance loudspeaker docking station is designed specifically to be compatible with the iPhone. With this speaker, the phone works like any other iPod. In fact, the docking station is compatible not only with the iPhone but with other iPods as well.

It comes with an IR remote for portable use, and can be powered either by battery power or AC. Unlike some other docking options, the On Stage IIIP doesn’t take up a lot of space. It measures just 6 inches by 1 3/4 inches and weighs only a pound. It obviously charges the devices as it is playing the music, and it has USB 2.0 connectivity so you can synchronize through it as well. JBL will release the On Stage IIIP in February at a retail price of $169.95.

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