Garmin nuvi 5000 GPS Navigation Device Is Super-Sized For a Reason

For most of the Garmin nuvi line of portable navigation devices, the company has stuck to either a 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch display. Such is not the case with the Garmin nuvi 5000, because this thing’s got a huge 5.2-inch widescreen. As you can probably guess, this display is also a touchscreen.

Set for unveiling at CES 2008 — along with a few other new Garmin GPS navigators — the nuvi 5000 is built for use in larger vehicles and it comes equipped with all sorts of features both related and unrelated to getting you on the road (and in the right direction). Goodies include an integrated MP3 player, audiobook player, built-in games, SD expansion, FM Traffic Message Channel, automatic rerouting, and the ability to save up to 10 routes.

If you subscribe to MSN Direct, you can gain access to the latest traffic, fuel price, weather, and stock information. The Garmin nuvi 5000 launches in North America next month with an asking price of $799.

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  1. C. Gatto Love says:

    This unit performs exactly as anticipated. It has a large bright display, and a simple, friendly user interface that makes using it a pleasure. The function is intuitive enough that a manual is almost unnecessary.The slender profile and light weight make it easy to carry or store if the need arises.
    All in all I would rate this as a highly price effective unit.

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