Next-Generation Nintendo DS 2 Concept Looks Hot Like George Foreman Grill

Shigeru Miyamoto and the rest of the Mario-loving crew already know that the Nintendo DS (and DS Lite) prints money for the company, but they also realize that the public is constantly thirsting for new innovations and updates. The DS Lite represented a great design upgrade over the DS Phat, but what will the DS 2 (or DS Lite 2) bring? That’s what this rendering is meant to portray.

Professional 3D modeler Phil Nolan has put together a set of renderings of what the Nintendo DS 2 could look like, based largely on the wish list previously written by Gizmodo. The ultra smooth corners on the white external casing look super slick (am I the only one who sees a George Foreman Grill?) whereas the larger displays on the black-laden inside look absolutely mind-blowing. The iPhone and PSP-esque elements works well too.

Although I like the idea of a widescreen display on top for multimedia and video-watching, it might prove a little strange for the gaming side of things. What do you think? Hot or not?

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