Motorola Z8 Slider Gets Limited Edition Ferrari Treatment

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines. The big M has apparently picked its pony, because what you see here is the limited edition Ferrari Motorola Z8 cell phone. The Italian automaker seems to be lending its name to all sorts of electronics these days, presumably because most of us can’t afford to buy an actual Ferrari car. The next best thing, I suppose, would be an Acer Ferrari notebook or this Ferrari Motorola mobile phone.

As you can quite plainly see, this limited edition handset has been emblazoned with all sorts of Ferrari branding, including logos and a hot black-and-red color scheme. Some people call it a banana phone, but the limited edition Ferrari Motorola Z8 is one speedy-looking banana.

On the inside, you’ll find things like free video from Ferrari, pre-registration to, custom wallpapers and ringtones, some online magazine subscriptions, and The Bourne Identity. Don’t ask me what Jason Bourne has to do with Ferrari. Look for the hotness to drop in Q1 2008.

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