New Delhi To See Unveiling of Tata’s $2500 Car Next Month


image_12313_largeimagefile New Delhi To See Unveiling of Tata's $2500 Car Next MonthIt seems like Tata Motors is aggressively approaching every inch of market. If the company does go ahead and buy both Jaguar and Land Rover, they’ll have the high-end covered. And they hope to capture the el cheapo end with an upcoming 100,000 rupee car. That works out to about $2,500 American.

If you’ve been anxious to hear more about the uber-budget vehicle from Tata Motors, your need for cheap will be satiated at the New Delhi Auto Expo next month. It is at that show that the yet unnamed $2,500 car will be revealed to the world. Details are scarce, but we hear that this Tata Motors vehicle will be a four-door with a RR (rear engine, rear-wheel-drive) configuration.

Pictured here is the Tata Indica, a car that’s head and shoulders above what the $2500 car will offer.

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