Cell Phone Bills Bigger Than Landlines: First Time Ever


I’m almost surprised that this hasn’t happened already. The New York Times is reporting that 2007 will be the first time in history where more money is spent on cell phone service than on traditional landlines. They don’t have exact figures, because 2007 isn’t quite over yet, but the trend is definitely pushing in that direction.

According to the NYT report, households spent an average of $542 on residential landlines in 2007, compared to the $524 that they spent on wireless services. VoIP falls under neither category and is calculated separately.

Based on the less than $20 difference last year (which works out to less than $2 a month) and the massive growth in the mobile industry — wireless web, ringtone downloads, text messaging, etc. — 2007 should be a banner year for cell phones.

In my house, there is one landline and four cell phone users. You do the math.

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