Camera From Behind And More From Cerevellum Bike Computer

Camera From Behind And More From Cerevellum Bike Computer


Winter might not provide the best weather for mountain biking, but it’s a great time to develop bicycle technology. The Cervellum bike computer is so much more advanced than many other similar gadgets, because it can handle a backup camera, just like those found on certain luxury cars and SUVs.

Of course, glancing down at your handlebars is arguably just as dangerous as turning your head to see what’s behind you, but that’s beside the point. The point is that you’re getting video from behind your bike while your eyes are still (relatively) pointing forward. Additional USB modules tack on GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring, and a meter for gauging how much energy your pedals are generating.

All this techie goodness doesn’t come cheap. The main Cervellum bike computer — which is still in a conceptual prototype stage — costs $300. The speedometer/odometer costs $60, the GPS module goes for $200, and the power meter will run you $800.

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