Buffalo TurboUSB is 20% Faster Than Any Other Flash Drive


image_12581_largeimagefile Buffalo TurboUSB is 20% Faster Than Any Other Flash DriveZooooooooooooom! Outside of giant capacities, one of the biggest selling points for a USB flash drive is its speed and the TurboUSB stick from Buffalo is supposed to have both of these factors fully covered. You see, the thumb drive contains a full 32GB of storage, providing you with plenty of space for documents, music, videos, and whatever other data you need to transport.

But that’s not where the Buffalo TurboUSB is supposed to shine. According to Buffalo, the TurboUSB is a whopping 20% faster “than any other USB flash drive in the market currently”, but this claim has not been substantiated by any third party review or real world test. If Buffalo really wants to make this claim, they should ship a sample unit my way and I’ll run a series of benchmarks to confirm (or refute) this speedy claims.

If the speed holds up, the TurboUSB could prove to be a very valuable tool for international spies who need to quickly steal data from bad guys.

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