Forget Customer Service, Activate Virgin Mobile Phones Yourself


image_12625_largeimagefile Forget Customer Service, Activate Virgin Mobile Phones YourselfNow you have one more reason to consider signing up with Virgin Mobile USA. When activating one of their cell phones, it is no longer necessary to deal with a customer service line. Instead, the MVNO is now offering self-activation on all of their handsets, thanks to some help from the guys at Telespree Communications.

The Telespree solution has been implemented by Virgin Mobile to “further improve its customer experience.” From their end, they save money because you don’t tie up a customer service rep, and from your end, you don’t have to put with the frustration of talking to a customer service rep. All Virgin Mobile USA handsets will come pre-programmed and then activation can be done over-the-air (OTA). Automation is a beautiful thing.

Go ahead, activate that Wild Card or MARBL yourself and “begin using service immediately after activation without any hassles.”

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