Palm Centro, Samsung i760 top design survey


image_12733_largeimagefile Palm Centro, Samsung i760 top design surveyDesign is obviously a crucial factor in the electronics market. According to a study by the Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab, when it comes to fully integrated devices the clear leaders are the Palm Centro and Samsung i760. The study says that those two have the most appealing innovative designs. Of the two, the Centro was the clear leader. Almost a half of all consumers who were tested and were looking to purchase a new device in the fourth quarter of this year said that they would choose the latest offering from Palm. The Nokia Prism, LG Rumor, and Pantech C810 also got high marks in the study. The Nokia Pris also got some specific recognition in the survey. It was perceived both as the most feminine and the most fun new product on the shelves. With Christmas just around the corner, that kind of information could be valuable for all the names on your list.

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