Glucoboy uses video games to manage diabetes

Glucoboy uses video games to manage diabetes


I can’t imagine that having diabetes would be any fun. The constant blood testing would be the worst part, especially for kids. That ugly process becomes a bit more palatable thanks to the Glucoboy. It’s a blood meter that is combined with the Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS. If the kids consistently test their blood and get good results they earn points. Those points can be used to unlock mini-games or to earn rewards on an online gaming community. This is yet another interesting way that manufacturers have found to use video games for more than just entertainment.

Getting this item to market was a struggle. It has been around for at least three years, but the manufacturer and Nintendo found it difficult to work together until recently. The device is finally available, though. The first market it has hit is Australia, where it will cost about $260. Plans are underway to see it hit other markets around the world soon.

image_12730_superimage Glucoboy uses video games to manage diabetes

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