DNA Archive – Store your DNA so it’s around if you aren’t


image_12713_largeimagefile DNA Archive - Store your DNA so it's around if you aren'tIf you watch a lot of cop shows you probably think that DNA is the key to knowing everything about everyone – especially criminals. A San Francisco-based company called DNA Direct is making it easy for you to have your DNA on hand so that it can used to prove, or disprove, anything if you aren’t around to provide a sample yourself. A customer uses a cheek swab to take a DNA sample. The company dries the genetic material and adds a synthetic stabilizer.

It then sends you three test tubes of your material as part of their DNA Archive kit. When they samples are needed they can just be rehydrated and used as needed. In the mean time they can be stored at room temperature with no special equipment needed. If having your genetic material in a test tube on your shelf seems like a good idea, you can get your own DNA Archive kit for $175.

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