High tech toothbrush means no more toothpaste

image_12806_largeimagefile High tech toothbrush means no more toothpasteDo you find buying toothpaste to be bothersome? Do you always find yourself running out of the minty goop at the worst possible time? Well, thanks to some fairly impressive technology crammed into a toothbrush you may never have to buy toothpaste again. The Soladey-J3 X toothbrush has a titanium dioxide rod in the transparent neck. When light and moisture from the mouth hit the rod it causes a chemical reaction which releases electrons which can combine with the acid in the mouth to wage war on plaque. No more toothpaste. Now, the science of this thing is way beyond me, but it sounds intriguing. Two guys – Dr. Kunio Komiyama and Dr. Gerry Uswak have developed this product for the Shiken company of Japan. This is just the latest version of this product – this one includes a new solar panel at the base of the toothbrush which allows for the transmission of further electrons and makes this model more effective.

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