Google optimizes apps for iPhone

Google optimizes apps for iPhone


In their continued and relentless effort to take over the world, Google has optimized more of their applications for use on the iPhone. To begin with GCal and Gdocs were made iPhone friendly, but now the not-very-evil empire has made their whole portal easily and effectively usable on the fancy phones.

When iPhone users, or iPod Touch users for that matter, visit Google they will now find a tab bar on top of the page. Using the tabs users can navigate between Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Docs and the rest of the Google apps that are mobile friendly. There is no additional setup or installation required beyond surfing to from your iPhone. It’s yet another step towards seamless access to your data regardless of where you are and what computer you are using, and one more reason for those monotonous iPhone fans to refuse to shut up about how great their phone is.

image_12783_superimage Google optimizes apps for iPhone

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