Thodio iBox – a handmade Wooden iPod amplifier

image_12840_largeimagefile Thodio iBox - a handmade Wooden iPod amplifierEveryone has an iPod, and a lot of people have a docking station for that iPod. That cultural phenomenon has created a problem – everything looks the same. The devices are all the same, the earphones are all the same, and the docking stations are all some versions of shiny black or white. The Thodio iBox can help solve that problem. It’s an iPod amplifier that is housed in a handmade wooden box. that provides a unique and classy look, and it will break up the monotony of the sameness. The speakers are 25 watts each, and they are powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for 15 hours between charges, so you aren’t tied down to your desk – you can show off your uniqueness while you are out and about. The only downside to these speakers is that handmade and cheap do not go together – they are $530 each.

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