A credit card that does so much more than just buying things


image_12866_largeimagefile A credit card that does so much more than just buying thingsA new design concept called the New Card is what would happen in you put a credit card and a swiss army knife in a room together, lit some candles, played some Barry White, and left them alone for nine months. It’s a credit card like any other, but it can do so much more. It seems to have different versions depending on what you might need. For people concerned about personal hygiene the card can be configured to include both a set of toothpicks and a mirror so you can find the ugliness that needs to be removed.

Shoe fanatics can have the card that doubles as a shoe horn. Raging alcoholics can not only buy beer with their card, but open the bottles with the built in bottle opener as well. All the uses make sense and would be handy to have in your wallet, but I have one concern – I’m not sure I would want to stick a toothpick in my mouth after everyone who touched my credit card put their grubby paws all over it.

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