QuikPod improves the quality of your DSLR self portraits


The dawn of the digital camera has created an epidemic of self-portraits. You know the ones – arms visible on the sides of the picture, and the face or faces slightly out of focus and not in the center of the shot. Well, I have bad news – they aren’t going away. In fact, they just got easier to take with your DSLR camera thanks to the QuikPod. The QuikPod, which is already available for point and shoot cameras, is essentially a fancy stick.

It attaches to any standard tripod socket and allows you to hold the camera in front of you to increase your chances of a worthwhile self-portrait. It can extend anywhere from 18 to 53 inches, and comes with a selection of accessories including a carrying case and a belly pad. The feature that will be handiest, though, is a wide angle mirror that lets you compose your picture before you take. With that there’s at least a chance that your self-portrait won’t suck. Even if they turn out great, though, I still don’t want to see them.

image_12865_superimage QuikPod improves the quality of your DSLR self portraits

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