Power Conscience reminds you to cut your energy use


image_12876_largeimagefile Power Conscience reminds you to cut your energy useMany people out there don’t have a conscience of their own when it comes to energy usage. They waste energy recklessly without a pause for thought. Those people need the Power Conscience, a design concept by designer Delroy Dennisur. No one takes the time to read their electric meter regularly, and few people would know what it really meant if they did. The Power Conscience details your energy usage stats right up to the minute and calculates what your power bill would be as of that instant. By putting a real cost on your habits, and having a means of seeing the impact of your energy savings efforts, you may be more motivated to do the right thing for Mother Earth. If you are more of a visual person, the message of the Power Conscience is reinforced by a floral pattern on the front of the device. The more energy you use, the more of the floral pattern is illuminated. Flowers are usually a good thing, but not in this case.

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