Mystery HTC device shows up at FCC

Mystery HTC device shows up at FCC


Drawings for a new device from HTC – the CLIO200 – have shown up at the FCC. The only problem is that we aren’t exactly sure what the device is. We do know that it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, CDMA and EV-DO. The diagram also shows air vents, which means that it must be doing some pretty heavy lifting inside if it needs that much cooling. That means it is likely a data device, and the shape seems to support that conclusion.

The best fit, based on what we know is in the pipeline from HTC, is the Shift. If that’s the case, then the only news here is that it is now going to come in a CDMA version to add options for users. That’s not very exciting, though, so if you want to speculate a bit more about what is possible, you could always imagine that the drawings are for the Omni or the Android, two HTC devices that are the subject of much speculation.

image_12864_superimage Mystery HTC device shows up at FCC

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