University courses via mobile phone? The future is here


At this rate we are not far away from the day when the only stimulation we will need in our lives is our phone. Cyber University in Japan is now offering mobile classes via phones. Or at least one class for now – the mysteries of the pyramids. The course is delivered via a streaming Power Point presentation. Though this is the only class available at this time, the university has 1,800 students and offers more than 100 courses via other mediums so it seems reasonable to think that more classes could soon follow. The majority owner of the university is mobile service provider Softbank, so mobile content would seem to be an obvious priority. This development raises a real problem. Now, texting and games on a phone provide a good distraction to pass the time while sitting in a university class. If the course is now on the phone then what are we supposed to do to procrastinate?

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