M-Audio unveils new MicroTrack II digital audio recorder


image_12887_largeimagefile M-Audio unveils new MicroTrack II digital audio recorderFor people who are into digital audio recorders, the wait for M-Audio to come out with a replacement for the original MicroTrack has probably been long. Well, the wait is over thanks to the arrival of the new MicroTrack II. Like the older version, this baby records on to CompactFlash cards, and lets you record into WAV and MP3 formats in two channel, 24-bit/96KHz goodness. Besides the fact that this device has a stunning number of buttons, the biggest change with the new model is that you can now seamlessly record audio files of more than 2GB. It also features an extended input gain range, and an analog gain inputer. It comes with extras including a t-shaped microphone, a carrying case, and editing software, and can be yours for just $400. That’s one of those prices that seems ridiculously high if you don’t need one, but probably seems like a bargain to people who covet such things.

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