Moody Sensiblog – let’s the world know everything about you


This new design concept may finally be the sign that the world is doomed and is about to end. It’s called the Moody Sensiblog and it makes it easy for you to tell the world way more about you than anyone would ever need to know. You wear a device that looks like a watch without a face. It records all sorts of things about you – your heart rate, increases in sweat production, and even a microphone to catch what is going on around you. Once the device detects a change in your mood it automatically posts it to your blog for the world to see. That means that people don’t have to wait for you to tell them what you are doing – they can extrapolate it from the raw data. Watching someone’s slide show or photo collection is about the most boring thing in the world in most cases, so I can only imagine how exciting watching someone’s pulse would be.

image_12929_superimage Moody Sensiblog - let's the world know everything about you

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