Keep your cup warm, and so much more


If you’re a computer geek at all then you have definitely seen the USB cup warmers that keep your coffee nice and hot as you tap away at your keyboard. Brando has taken the familiar USB cup warmer and cranked it up a notch. Or five. They have added both a clock and four USB ports to the newest variation of their work of wonder. That means that you will always know what time it is as you are sipping away, and you can plug in pretty much whatever you need to plug in. A cynic would ask why you would need a clock on your cup warmer when it is sitting right beside your PC which has a clock right there in the corner, but you can’t overthink innovation, I guess. You don’t have to worry about it too much even if there is a clock redundancy, because the device can be yours for just $24.

image_12944_superimage Keep your cup warm, and so much more

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