O’Neill H4 Campack will make you a ski movie icon


Skiing or snowboarding is good fun and good exercise, but anyone who is any good at it knows that the real reason to hit the slopes is to show off. You can show off to way more people if you record your sick tricks and slap it up on Youtube. That’s where the O’Neill H4 Campack comes in. The camera is mounted to your helmet, and a huge record button on the shoulder strap of your backpack makes it easy to start recording without taking off your gloves, or even without stopping if you want. Inside the backpack is enough battery power for four hours of use. It has only 512MB of storage space on the internal flash drive, but you can add a 2GB SD card which will give you 160 more minutes. Besides holding the battery and the drive, the backpack has room for whatever else you want to carry on the hill. For only $422 you can turn yourself into the next Warren Miller.

image_12993_superimage O'Neill H4 Campack will make you a ski movie icon

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