Massage Vibra – your new best friend


Anyone with even the littlest bit of imagination has long been able to imagine alternative uses for the vibration mode on a cellphone that are much more interesting than getting a call without interrupting your meeting. With the new Massage Vibra application those alternative uses are that much more effective. It provides pre-installed massage applications for every part of your body so that your phone will become your best little friend in the world. Advanced users can even customize the programs to fit their needs. According to the company, the Massage Vibra “improves stamina of respiratory apparatus” and “daily usage of vibro massage leads to long increase of capacity for human’s work”. It apparently goes without saying that if you’re lonely and dateless it can be your best friend.

Massage Vibra works with any MIDP 2.0-compliant cellphone like a Nokia N95, and is a bargain at just $2.95.

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