Fujitsu brings 320GB of storage to your notebook


Content, content and more content. Apparently we can never get enough content. Fujitsu has upped the ante on the ability to store content with the world’s largest commercially available notebook HDD. The MHZ2 BH series HDD has a massive 320GB capacity. It uses perpendicular magnetic recording technology and offers reading speeds of up to 300MB per second thanks to a 3.0GB per second SATA interface. According to the specs, read seek time is 12 ms, and write seek time is 14 ms.

A gigantic drive is only useful if it doesn’t suck the life out of your notebook battery. This drive offers best-in-class power consumption figures, though, so you will be fine (a cynic would point out that if this is the first and so far only drive of this size then it is obviously best in class, because it is the only one in its class, but we can assume that’s not what they meant). The drive will be available in February of 2008. The price has not yet been released.

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