Safa launches the Q10, an ergonomically designed mp3 player


image_12986_largeimagefile Safa launches the Q10, an ergonomically designed mp3 playerWhat the world really needs is a new mp3 player, and that’s just what Korean maker Safa has provided us. The Q10 is touted as having an ergonomic design. Apparently in Korea ‘ergonomic design’ means rounded corners. They’ve made a conscious effort to eliminate as many buttons as they can from the front of the device for the sake of simplicity. The two-color LCD isn’t going to excite you, but the extra features Safa has thrown in might – voice recording, a phone book, and data storage with password protection. The sound will be pretty solid, too, with support for seven equalizer sound effects and SRS WOW.

The internal lithium-ion battery is good for 12 hours of music play or 22 hours of recording. If you find yourself in Korea you can pick one up for yourself for $85 for the 1GB model, or you can double up to 2GB for $107.

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