Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset Looks Like a Toy, But It’s Not


image_13084_largeimagefile Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset Looks Like a Toy, But It's NotI didn’t know that children were still into Hello Kitty, but if they are, I can imagine an army of little girls storming retailers for this collection of Hello Kitty Bluetooth headsets. That’s assuming that they have a cell phone to begin with, but given the trend toward outfitting even the youngest of kids with phones, I don’t think that’s a huge assumption to make.

What you see here are a pair of Bluetooth headsets specifically designed for Hello Kitty fans. Given that the demographic would be the younger set, I also imagine that the sizing on these headsets is a little smaller than your standard fare. Despite what the vibrant colors and the toy-like buttons may lead you to believe, these headsets are just as functional as the more mature-looking units from Motorola or Sony Ericsson.

The Hello Kitty Bluetooth headsets have reared their heads over at the FCC offices, but there is no mention of manufacturer, price, or launch date. Let’s just hope they’re not filled with lead paint.

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