Spring Mogul Getting GPS, Rev.A Update Early Next Year

If you are a proud owner of HTC Mogul from Sprint, you may have a late Christmas present on the way in the form of a ROM update. The new ROM, which is set to be released in Q1 2008, will provide the HTC smartphone with GPS navigation and high-speed EVDO Rev.A connectivity.

There were several “issues with the last round of Mogul ROM updates” but these all appear to be addressed in the latest offering. At the same time, Sprint is upping the ante in functionality by bringing GPS and Rev.A into the picture. Think of it as a “I’m sorry, here are some Rev.A flowers to make it better” kind of gesture.

The main problem with the last round of ROM updates had to do with Bluetooth. While you wait for the new update, Sprint recommends that you downgrade to an older version… so that you can upgrade again early next year.

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