Toyota Celica is Coming Back in 2009

Toyota has long since had a reputation for having safe cars that weren’t particularly exciting. Years ago, they had offerings like the MR2, Supra, and Celica to get our blood pumping, but the company is moving even further into the boring segment by really pushing the Corolla and Camry, for example. After ditching the Celica in 2005, the Toyota brand was left without a sports coupe. Don’t tell me to buy a Solara, because that car just doesn’t have the same personality as the Celica.

The missing chunk from Toyota’s lineup may soon be filled again, because Automotive News is reporting that the Toyota Celica may be revived for the 2009 model year. As it stands, the current rumor is pointing toward a European release with no real mention of a North American launch at all. No details have been revealed, but we imagine that the new Celica will still be a four-banging sports coupe priced at the lower end of the market.

Personally, I think it’s a great move for the company. The Yaris isn’t exactly a well-respected compact sports car, after all.

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  1. jeff ryeback says:

    nice and i like it. what is the market price in Malaysia now? If ok, I intent to buy one.

  2. Sam says:

    Supra people, SUPRA

  3. superman says:

    I WOULD BUY THIS CAR IN A HEARTBEAT …….. thats the only toyota car that i would buy …… best lookin car ever

  4. Feo Amante says:

    I won't buy a Toyota unless it is a Celica. And the last version (2000 – 2005) looked the best. That fat blank rear bumper was perfect for small business people like myself to drive in a cool car and advertise our biz on the back (I used a die-cut vinyl display). On a personal note, the rebirth of the Celica would be even better with a kicky, yet fuel efficient, V6 option!

  5. lesley says:

    Ihave had a celica for fifteen years and still get asked is it new, when i tell them the age there surprised. i love the celica and do hope they make them again

  6. kim le says:

    will the new celica be back in Australia next year 2010.ill been waiting for it

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